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Congratulations to Kgmdawg84- Kenny for winning SRT of the month for the month of August 2005 I will post up more info tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for voting!!

Kgmdawg84 aka Kenny aka Pinky


AGP Cold side pipe with Greddy Flange
Greddy Type RS BOV
Psi-Fi MMs
Stage 1
K&N Typhoon CAI
CM Stg3 Clutch
Turboxs mbc
NGK Plugs
MSD 8mm Wires
3" Custom TBE w/ Apexi N1 Style Muffler
Rolled Bumper
BFG Drag Radials w/ 15" VW Steelies
CLK Style tails
Silverstar headlights
and turn signals
SRT-4Mation Shift Knob
SRT-4Mation Badge
SRT-4Mation vinyl sticker (3 of them)
and lots of other vinyl, hahahahahaha

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kgmdawg84 said:
i was thinkin about losin the vinyl... gettin a cf hood and black wheels with a polished lip, then lowerin it... that would totally change the look of it

and look what happened well 1/2 of it lol just gotta lower it
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