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Congrats to Brian aka Kwik-E-Nuff for winning September SRT of the month! Please take the time to congratulate our paisano! Drinks on Brian!!! :eek:

Kwik-E-Nuff aka Brian aka Not Yo Baby's Daddy

Car pics:


stage 1
aem sr
greddy profec b spec II
max fab cated 3 DP
borla catback
agp wga
perrin SS
msd wires
ngk plugs
scremon demon coil pak
ipp coilovers
excel wheels wrapped in 215 45 17 rubber

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awsome srt i like the turbo emblem on the trunk and if you look hard enough in the corner of the first pic you can see my srt-4 which forshadows my winning of srt-4 of the month man wouldnt that be something ...congrats
whats perrin ss ???
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