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What time is best for thou???

And another one....

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Yes another poll this one is to determine the time which all would like to meet. Ill be there round 730 regardless trying to pick up some minors. lol j/kidding.

So vote or die as mr. diddy so cleverly put it. haha
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Does my vote count or are we doing the electoral college thing :D
Its settled then, 7:30 will be meet time we will have to play it by ear for the first few to decide when we leave. Henry what time does that show end?? You know were all gonna have to park up if they let us well, if there is enough space. I already talked to the security guards they said to call management but fuck that I'd rather just talk to one of the rent-a-cops if they give us a problem. You know their not gonna say "yeah sure use our parking lot" Hahahhahah.

And vypurr what do you wanna do meet up at oxford valley with us b/c we will prob go to hooters for the show of both cars and females. Which one we going to Henry the one off of Rt. 1 Right?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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