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Anyone have a stock catback they dont want?

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Does anyone have a STOCK CATBACK that they dont want/need anymore..that isnt BENT lol its my bday and i wanna get the Needswings dp but my catback is bent and looks gay.. if anyone has one that they just dont really want or want a small amount (lolsry) for, let me know PLZ!
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Miker has like 5 stock exhausts at this shop. i will ask him if you can have one
dan ask ken he has mine at his house if you want it its yours and i have the rear section at mine so if you want it ill give it to ken let me know
let me know what your doing dred. kwiks is probably fastest to get
i guess ill take brians cuz its closer and easier henry, better than driving the hour or so by you.. but thanks tho i really appreciate it THANKS HENRY!

i get this little thanks, brian gets all caps. i hate you dred
THERE... HAPPY crybaby ^^^
hey what the im not worthy of the big thanks ohh wait your in my section i can moderate you hahahahhahahahhaah
heh watch this...*see new thread*
he got a bro. i didnt get a bro.
face it henry he likes me more
Broken5hift said:
cosign... :werd: :fun_83:
you two should borrow one of kennys pink shirts
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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