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Bmw 330ci Kll

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The other night I was heading downtown to meet up with some Friends for a couple of pints. I am just heading down the highway and some bird in Daddies car pulls up beside me and starts revving and acting like a asshole in general. I was a little worried as I thought it might have been a M3. But it was just a E46 330CI Luckily for me. So I rev back some he looks over has some hot ass bitch in the car. So he just trying to show off what Daddies car can do to his chic.

Wrong Miata cause have more than enuff for that POS. So I drop it from 6th to 3rd let him gun it instant boost I pull hard, Shift to fourth I have 3 to 4 lengths on him. So I let him catch up He wants some more I am thinking maybe he miss shifted or did not down shift. Line em up I do the ricer 3 honks and he jumps that cool I reel him powershift 3rd the 4th pull hard on him.

Slow down let him catch up he won't even look at me. I waved to his chic and get off 2 exits later.

BMW= Overpriced slow wood
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HA HA HA you waived at his chic

+10 points
Then he went home and fucked that hot ass chick while you went home and fucked your right hand. :banana:
bahaha no Doubt
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