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Broken & mr sp33d

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Today's Birthdays
Broken5hift (24), Mr. Sp33d (24)

Happy muthafucking bday,lapdances all night 4 the special guys
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Ah! Happybirthday!
thanks guys.... btw, we are the same person........
Broken5hift said:
thanks guys.... btw, we are the same person........
pshhh i knew that.....btw its also my birthday on the 1st...i turned real fucked up last night and i'm hurtin right now...happy b-day broken
thanks man happy B-day turboknee!

i went to dave and busters and got drunk for 5 hours and played video games. they have this huge blank screen thats a sports simulator and you choose your sport and then grab the equipment for that sport and use it, but we had about 8 of us in the room and we were chucking hockey stick, basketballs, pucks, footballs, soccer balls and everything at the scream. then we got asked to leave. birthdays rock
Happy birthday pole smoker!
dammit........... truth hurts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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