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Car won’t start, no spark on 4th plug.

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Okay guys so I am going to go ahead and start by saying i know very little about fixing cars but have a mechanic specifically for my srt4’s. One of them is stuck outside of my house. It has a brand new battery but won’t turn on just crank forever. I prime it and whatnot. I’m not getting a spark on the fourth plug. We have been having issues with the car for the last year but it would still run just rough and act as though it had a turbo leak. My daily went down so I had to use the srt for a daily but now I can’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Or YouTube video links on troubleshooting this problem lol. Sorry I’m advance if there’s already a thread for a similar problem. I just couldn’t find one for only one spark plug not getting a spark.
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If no spark appears, check for broken wires, shorts, grounds or a defective stop switch. Once you have confirmed that the stop switch is working, reconnect the spark plug lead.
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