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SupeRfasT-4 said:
yeh i just got the CCA but didnt get the polished one, wish i did, looks so mush nicer but oh well u cant beat it for 350$, yours looks real nice though
take some wetsand paper like 1200 grit and some mothers aluminum polish..about an hour later you are now bling :)

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hozay09 said:
Looks pimp! What other mods do you have? love the plates however ur plate frames are GAY. Gonna have to get u some new ones :bandit:

yeah i need to change it.:rolleyes:

map clamp
CCA fmic
CTI side exit exhuast
hot chcks sway bars
eibach springs
Fan mod

I belive thats it i forget the mods i have sometimes :lol:

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professorcustomz said:
thats the intercooler i wanted till i had the guys that installed my 50 trim and tune it look at the quality and they said you get what you pay for that is why its so cheap so im probally gonna go with the agp one
On the dyno its been proven they perform just as good as any other intercooler, the AGP maybe youll get a little more power not much, maybe 2-3 HP not worth.
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