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i posted this in the some of the other forums.. but thought i'd share

whats up fellas.. just wanted to show you guys the semi-finished hot side pipe i just had fabbed up... im surprised at the performance gains that were made--unfortuneately not confirmed dyno wise.. but im sure you guys that have them probably can relate..

well enough talking here you go

here's how it started.. a 90degree bend of Stainless steel piping.. as you kno resists heat alot better than the typical aluminized piping, coupler, hump hose, t-bolt clamps, reg worm clamps..

here's the connection to the intercooler side.. (sorry guys.. its a camera phone and the car was only jacked up on one side)

here's where the hump hose attaches to the factory hard hot-side

and a lil better view of the whole thing
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