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DPA Friday Night's

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It's where most of the Srt-4's hang on friday nights at the Apllebees/ Pathmark parking lot 10:30 till

the history of our meets started 2 and 1/2 years ago on dpa

started with just three SRT-4's

and from then its expanded

Every friday you will have me there reppin the SRT-4

you will catch alot of crazy guys talking bout cars and alot of other stuff lol

but most of all it's about becoming fam

so when ever you guys in queens, brooklyn, bronx ,manhatten which since joker left I know of no other srt there lol and westchester, Yonkers and especially people from Long Island come thru

directions on how to get to DPA (Deer Park Avenue)
From the LIE : it's exit 51 make a right at the light take it all the way down till you see the Mcdonalds and Taco Bell to your left at that light you make a U-turn . Then you will see the pathmark/Applebees sign and turn inti that parking lot

from the Southern State Pkwy: get of exit 39N pass when you see the taco bell to your right you will see a Pathmark/ Applebees sign and that is the parking lot you pull into
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