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DPA tonite ?

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Any one rolling up to DPA tonite ?
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i was thinking about it but my friend hasnt called so i guess not unless he calls like in 5 minutes
mikegtdyno said:
Any one rolling up to DPA tonite ?
you are the kid in the explorer? I live in Huntington as well
yeah he was in the explorer he has a OB SRT which is at the body shop getting repaired
wat up

check it out feel my pain.......... fellas
peace :eek:


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My bad about that but i don't see how it could of happened at dpa we were in and out in 5 mins but hey im not saying it couldnt happened
my car was keyed to before... and I didnt see it until dpa as well. not saying it happened there buttttt..........I was parked on the farthest end and didnt realize to after eating in applebee's. Just a clue
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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