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evo X pics

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Mitsubishi has plenty planned for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, including the highly-anticipated world concept debut of its next-generation rally car.
The highlight of Mitsu's show stand will be Concept-X, which is basically the next-generation Lancer Evolution. The company will also show Concept-D:5, a go-anywhere, high-performance concept.

Concept-X is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four mated to a clutchless six-speed auto-manual transmission controlled by paddle shifters mounted on the steering column.
The frame has been significantly stiffened, while the use of aluminum in the hood, trunk lid, fenders, roof and front and rear door panels reduces weight. Reducing weight in the roof and upper parts of the body helps lower the center of gravity, while weight reduction in the doors, engine hood, and trunk reduces the moment of inertia for better steerability.
Suspension is MacPherson strut at the front and a multi-link at the rear.

The on-board multimedia system includes a high-definition liquid crystal monitor providing real-time display of vehicle and the all-wheel-drive system’s operating status while also displaying on-board navigation system maps and DVD audio controls. Rear seat passengers have their own liquid crystal display on the back of the front seats that allows them to share with the driver driving-related information and his/her fun-to-drive experience.
Although it is a concept, but this is pretty much it.
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someone likes hotwheels
cause we are better than everyone else.
becouse most srt drivers talk shit about evo's.
lol evo are slow

duuuuude best part is the 3g eclipse gas cover!!! W00T!! thats tight breh!
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way to steal the headlights off a skyline ... jury is still out whether i liket his or not
I like it. Although it does look like a hotwheels car. The fenders shouldnt be so flared out. Heres an idea make the fucking car wider insead of just increasing the axle length. The grill is really nice but it looks like they ran out of ideas on how to divide it for the bumper.
turboknee said:
duuuuude best part is the 3g eclipse gas cover!!! W00T!! thats tight breh!
I think the whole car looks like the 3g eclipse.
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