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Where: Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ

When: Saturday 10/1 & Sunday 10/2

Cost: See below for details. Best bet is a 2 day bracket racing tech card

Saturday's Details...Gates open 10am
NHRA Class Race $65 (2-Day Tech Card)
Bracket Race $25 (Good Sat. Only)
2 Day Bracket Race $55 (2-Day Tech Card)
Show $25 (Good Sat. Only)
2 Day Show $50 (2-Day Show Card)
Spectator/Pit Entry $15 (Good Sat. Only)
2 Day Spectator $30 (Good Sat. & Sun.)

Heads Up & Bracket Drag Racing.
Manufacturer & Performance Shop Midway.
NHRA Heads-Up Class Qualifying. (1PM, 3PM, & 6PM)
Top 100 Car Show. Sign-up closes at 4:00PM


Sunday's Details...Gates open 8am
Bracket Race $45
Show $35
Sound Challenge $45 (Sun. Only)
Spectator/Pit Entry $20

Bracket Drag Racing
Muffled Time Trials-9AM, Muffled & Unmuffled Time Trials-10AM.
Bikini Contest- 2PM
Giant Import/Low Rider Show for Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Motorcycles & More
Manufacturer & Performance Shop Midway
Music and Giveaways at Sony Xplod StyleFest.


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I got an idea that may make next weekend a little more interesting.

Remember this is just an idea for all those haters out there :D

Whomever is racing ante's in $10 (or some other amount TBD)
Someone in the club (like Hozay) holds all the cash
The person whom goes the furthest in bracket racing wins the cash
If there is a tie for the round that you are eliminated in then slips determine the victor (closest to dial in time without redlighting)

What do you all think?

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brought the car with me tonight to school to shut up some honda fanboy, and i rowed through them a few times and this new clutch wot shifts better than anything...

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Not to change the topic, but any POST etown activities? AP?
Someone let me know when/where. Thanks.
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