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First Meeeet!!!!!

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Once again we will make this attempt to unify the state of pa.

We will be meeting at the oxford valley mall as planned. It Starts @ 7:30 p.m. we will chill for a lil while and decide when to leave from there. So I suggest you get there somewhat on time, or you may miss the group.
We will be heading up to hooters just like the cali club except it will be a car show. If you can at all help it, show up with a clean car. You dont want a dirty car at a car show and I know mine will be clean. (Somewhat dont go crazy)

The meet will be held on Thursday, the 29th, initially we will meet in the mall parking lot. Then make our ways up Rt. 1 to hooooooters.

Any questions pm me. Or broken5hift.
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if you want your car to appear in the show you have to show up early to hooters (around 5 i believe) and also sign up for it before hand.
Who all is doing that? Mine is stock as a block but I'd be willing to do it if anybody else is.
bout time to see you PA guys starting to do some things hahahah jk good luck with the meet guys, i know the jersey folk are gonna be planning a philly meet soon, since the other one we had was fun as shit, even the getting harrassed by philly cops hahha
yea i payed the cops off the give us a hard time and leave the 100+ drag racers 2 blocks over alone. jokes on you guys.
Anybody plan on showing up other than me and broken???
i would, but i cant afford another road trip with these gas prices still...
Yeah i dont blame you, imagin buying premium :guh:
i'll be there
there we go theres three.
Rinko said:
Yeah i dont blame you, imagin buying premium :guh:
I do.................. :eek: :twak: :BangHead:
I will be there! But I know there is a **BETTER** Car show next door to Hooters...thats where all the real cars go...
sucks....i have work every morning real early and driving far on a worknite blows for me...why dont u guys have weekend meets. lol bitches
it would help if you did something more towards the middle of the state. where everyone travels equally and such. hell why not find a place in the centerish side of the state and hold a dyno day/track day. we did it in fla all the time and worked great
Grind do you know of any tracks in central pa? I'd be so down for a track day, I'll get on it. It will most likely be on a weekend to promote a larger turnout. Ill post up later today if i find anything.

As for the first meet we have four commited so far.

And myself

Thats all??? How bout you dirty jerz biotches???
i know there is a track around carslile other than that idk i havnt been in the state long enough to know
Ill do some research. Sounds like a good idea grind hopefully we can get something in place before the harsh winter arrives.
there's a nice 1/4 track down where i am...
honostly pa is a dead state has alot of srts but never see them we need to get out there show times get everything rolling
I dunno about you guys, but i see most of the Philly SRT's every thursday. The problem is, unlike NJ, we cannot drive to the center of our state to meet for 1 night a week...Its just too far.
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