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So... I'm following Hozay back on the local 35 after hanging out with the boys. He's in front of me and decides to let his wastegate get some air, so I hit the gas (2nd gear), and the only thing to explain what happened was "Fish-nosing". From years of RWD cars, there is this feeling you get when your car starts to fishtale.... A sense of control yet lack of it. Well, i got the same feeling... The car was pulling sooo hard and thanks to my wonderful DR's there was no tire spin. The car was powersliding across both lanes while still maintaining to move foward. This wasnt your normal torque steet my friend, this was something different. It was frightening yet amazing. This was also after i turned the boost back up to 24lbs on my freshly super-dooper ported turbo :headbang:

PS. Ported turbo's scream. The sound is amazing, and to those who are curious, i did some extensive porting to the whole turbo and my egt's never exceeded 1400F in 4th all the way until redline.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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