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I used to be big into the mountain biking scene years ago. I have a few bikes so i don't mind letting this one go. Its 1999 or 2000 model GT LTS-1/ LOBO. it has has rock shox judy dh/ rock shox rear shock and shimano xt components with i believe 52 tooth ac 3 piece crank. it is not that easy of a street bike since its it a downhill bike. it has a polished aluminum frame. its needs some maintanence. should cost less then $100 if you know what you are doing ( tubes, rear brakes and chain) i'll take a pic if anyone is interested. give me some offers. btw this is a hand made frame. its a no joke bike, but i'm not looking to sell it at some outrageous price b/c i think the lobo a couple of years ago went for $6,000
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