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Gapping plugs?

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On my brothers car,it kinda has a miss through the lower rpm range under WOT. Could this be because I haven't gapped the plugs different then stock,or I need colder plugs? :confused:

It has a stage1, and agp wga spiking to 17 falling to 15.
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Check the plug wires, the heat from the turbo really fucks up the stock wires. One way to tell if they are bad, take out the #4 wire and and check the part between the wire and boot.

See where all the white builds up at the boot? Thats the sign of a bad wire, sometimes you have to flex the wire to check underneath the boot part.

Alot of people recommend to gap the plugs from .038 to .040. Stock gap is .050.
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Ok thanks guys,I will have him order new plugs and wires.
i have the same issue, once in a blue moon. lower in the rpm, wot. it will hesitate. Doesnt happen often, but I have NGK Iridiums.

I also have a set of Denso Iridiums at home, brand new. I think I'll just swap them out. Damn these cars eat plugs like there's no tomorrow.
I was having this issue when I first got my car. Bought new NGK plugs and regaped them to .28 and it’s running awesome ever since. If your car is not heavily moded don’t go that low try around .32 and than go from there.
damn mine are only at .038 lol but it aint heavily modded so i'm safe lol
heavier modded (big turbo) = smaller gap. if you mostly stock you should be running a larger gap, like a .035 or higher.
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