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Glad to be back

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Work really sucked last week. Never want to be that productive again
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Miatas are for ****, ***
God 1 post and I already hope he leaves, he's annoying the shit outta me right now.
*** chariot
hey can i bum a ***?
blown_m62 are you gonna say anything or just lurk like a creep?
sorry had to run out

Hmm somethings never change u guys pretty much summed everything up.
From one F-Up forum to another.

Ahhh entertainment is back.

The BMW forums are not as entertaining as this ones.
paintbaler1587 said:
miatas are so fast and can handle awsome!
I must of been drunk when I posted this.
wtf wow you guys really hate that miata driver huh
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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