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appearently the zoo lets the monkeys have relationships now

for those of yall whore are IP banned

akuma/goki said:
I was with a girl for three years. When I divorced my wife because she was cheating on me, she was there for me. When I broke down she was there. When I broke my hands time after time punching walls just to feel anything again and not be numb she was there. When I was in my car wreck and broke my shoulder she was there. We were happy together at first. As time progressed she became incredibly possessive. She would tell me what I could and could not wear. She would start serious and in some cases violent arguments with me out of the blue. We would seperate, then get back together and she would swear that she would change. I would take her back because all I could hold on to was how good she was to me at first. After a few weeks of taking her back she would revert to her old ways.

There is a girl that works with me who is in love with me big time. She has always said that if my girlfriend and I were to ever break up she really wanted to be with me. I loved my girlfriend so much that I never even thought about the co worker. A couple of days ago my girlfriend started another argument out of the blue. I could not take it anymore and as much as I loved her I came to the conclusion that things are not going to get better and we are not good for one another. So we broke up day before yesterday, and I told the co worker. Last night the co worker came over and spent the night.

My ex girlfriend has been calling me crying and texting me all day begging me to take her back. I told her that we needed to keep away from one another because our relationship was not healthy. She kept texting me and texting me and texting me. Calling me crying and it was breaking my heart.

I just texted her telling her she was free of me now. She told me in a text yesterday that we were free now to do what we wanted. So in my text I told her she was free and got her wish. I told her I was with someone else.

Should I have kept it a secret and not told her or do you think I did the right thing...

Right now my phone keeps being texted and it actually sounds like angry tones when they come through

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srtgotboost said:
my undercovername
just waiting on activation email.
in wich forum is that thread?war stories?pffft..
goki,come and get some
umm....war stories is dead....
where have you been?
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