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jmdodgesrt4 said:
well,i am looking for red and i am not sure what type though . any suggestions?
You can do what I did and buy a roll of blue fine line masking tape
like they use for laying out and painting graphics on cars avalible at any autobody supply store and layout the design you want on 1 your headlights they can invert it to make an exact copy for the other headlight(just one line of tape should be needed) take your car to a vinal shop and tell them you want that made with about an inch extra on top for instalation purposes.

Mine cost me 3 bucks for a roll of fine line and 6 bucks for 2 sets of vinals. not 2 vinals (2 rights and 2 lefts)

9 bucks total.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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