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Hey TJ!!! These are perfect for you!!!

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Check this site out. The fr500 wheels in black or antracite with the 17x10.5 deep dish rear would look amazingly hot on your ride! Just look at the stance of the mach1 in the header and the customer ride section :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

And they are very inexpensive. I have the black bullits with the deep dish rears from them and they are high quality for the price...
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I LOVE THOSE WHEELS!!! There's only one problem, I have always had a thing about putting other factory rims on a car that they don't belong on. For example, when I pull up to a v6 and he has the same cobra rims on him car that I have on my car. Nothing makes me more mad!!! lol. Anyway, if I did that, even though I have a cobra, they aren't really the rims for my car. ( and trust me i have seen pics with there rims on my car, they look a-ma-zing!!!!! ) Thats the only reason why I haven't bought these rims yet.
The fr500 was never produced... fr500 wheels != production wheels...

They are considered a ford aftermarket wheel...
I really am thinking about them though, but i'm pretty sure they will be produced as the stock wheel for the 07 GT500 Cobra.
The price by comparison to other wheels is very appealing...
tru tru
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