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hola again

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hi my name is kwik-e-nuff im an alcholic i like long walks on the beach and candle lit diners ummmmm yeah, whats up everyone welcome aboard to the new site we all hozay and tony (hozay 09 and topofnewyork) for making this a reality. now that we are more official looking lets really get our name out there.
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Where's the *** smily????????????????????????????????????

yeah yeah well the real thanks are to Hozay for this site i tried to help out with it but Luis aka therocketman was at INS that day and wasnt picking up his phone that bitch
^ Hahahaha

kwik-e-nuff said:
now that we are more official looking lets really get our name out there.
I agree, im really gonna start reppin the site more, I tell every new SRT-4 owner in the area I meet about this site, they always go SRT4mation? and Im like hells yeah, its the biggest SRT club in the Tristate area, then I embellish and say it has a couple hundred members. Hopefully itll get them on here.
great we got paintbaler and brett back together now thats gay :D
goat fucking is fun!
only if you do it at the edge of a cliff so they back up into ya hahahahah
................... oh there you guys are *walks over*
oo3menace said:
goat fucking is fun!
you just have to watch out when they kick
paintbaler1587 said:
not as gay as having sex with goats
hey leave coy out of this!
psi chick said:
hey leave coy out of this!
we need coy to come here. and riven too. then this would be the #1 site in the universe. we could even take down maddox.
i hate those two. but if they wanted to come so be it. i would enjoy fucking with them.
riven was my number one nut swinger, and coy's randomness was unmatched.
i love coy. he's hilarious. riven is a dick, but he's funny.
Who woulda imagined a thread involving Brian and the thread turns instantly gay? :rolleyes:
brett the last time your face was in pussy was the day u were born
I would just like to point out how incredibly gay the thread title is
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