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I am paintbaler1587. I live in Houston, TX, far from the north, although I do have alot of family in NY. I am formerly of srtforums so alot of people might recognize me. I got banned for doing nothing (again) and decied its probably not a good idea to stay at a site where they ban people who arent breaking the posted rules. Even worse when they try to frame something on you. I was a War Stories regular, and it has just felt weird ever since WS was closed down at srtforums. I came here via invitation from Henry (Broken5hift) a while ago when srt4mation just started.

Im generally not serious when I post. Thanks to my time in war stories I usually dont take flames towards me offensively, but will not hesitate an instant to flame back. But even then, anything I say shouldnt be taken very seriously. Alot of people here already know me, Ive already had the admins playing jokes one me with my title, which is better than castrol's jokes, where hed ban me for fun. I keep a laid back look on life, trying not to worry about things too much. I seem to always have a love-hate relationship with the people of forums. It always apears that some people love me, while other hate every word that I type (this is even applies to the admin and mods of the forums). Usually the people who like me also love to have a good time and will joke around with me (which luckily, seems to be most of this site).

Finally, I should be a mod, after all,
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viva la paintbaler in 05
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