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Keep 04 or get 05

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keep 04 or get new 05

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Hey guys i just want some input. I have an 04 srt [mods listed below]. I bought it with 11k miles on it, and it now has 19. I was looking into 05's at the time i bought this, and really like the orange blast color, and also wanted the ACR package. Do you think i should keep my 04 or sell it and spring for an 05?
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Depends on u. The value on the 04's have dropped like a bad habit. The 05's have the same crap 04's due minus the orange blast and acr option. If u feel its worth it, give it a shot. I personally love the orange blast myself but wouldn't bother trading in for it.
If your ride right now doesnt give you no problems don't bother trading

thats my opinion
ya thats what im thinking... i do love the orange blast, but its probably not worth the hassle. Plus i want to upgrade to a viper in a few years :) We'll see how that goes
The 05, even with the ACR package, isn't a huge change from the last model. You'll be better off saving your money and buying something more groundbreaking in a year or two. If the next SRT-4 is any good you'll kick yourself for buying an 05.
Always get what you want. After all your the one who has to pay for it... :)
IMO, not worth trading in just for a color and the ACR package. If there was a larger turbo involved or a major change then maybe.

You could always buy a better suspension and a set of nicer wheels for the money difference that you'll pay with a trade in.

But good luck either way :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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