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Kgmdawg84, here's a couple wheels I checked out for u.

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Here's two wheels that I like. Got lazy to keep searching. 17" with 225/45/17 tires and under $800

Nuclear Racing F-15 wheels

Racing hart GT-5

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The gt5's over fake rivets any day...
Definitely the GT-5. They may be discontinued though. There was a seller on ebay that had a bunch of them pretty cheap. townfairtire-auctions

These are the wheels on the SCC project SRT-4. They're big brake kit friendly. :)
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Curious here Kenny...what you are going for--bling/size/weight?
thanks hozay... i would kill for andrew's (borosrt) wheels, but i dont have 900 at this very moment... DAMN

h - im lookin for a few different things... trying to make up my mind... mainly 5 spoke glossy black with a polished lip, and 17's... but who knows... my mind it open to new ideas
none of those they all ugly to me lol i want shiny black with chrome lip also but i don like those 2 styles imo
5zigen fn01r imo

come in silver, gloss natural, gloss black, flat black, chrome black, and black with polished lip, bronze, and white. . :rolleyes:
20lbs is heavy for a 17inch wheel..

Easy, he's looking for el cheapo rims. Those go for $1200 or more.
Nice jeff, but too havy
My Konigs are 18lbs each and are 17". So an extra 8lbs won't hurt unless he's really worried about weight.

Plus if he's looking for light rims chances are he's gonna spend the $$$
don't get anything heavier than 17lbs a piece, even run of the mill exel wheels don't weigh over 17lbs
Here's a cheap set on EBAY. It's an SSR knockoff.
They're 19 lbs. each, but that's still a couple of pounds lighter than stock.
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thanks for all the help guys... still looking... wont be buying till the winter time, so i still have time, maybe somethin will catch my eye by then :idea:
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