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Laguna Beach

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hawt chicks,beaches, im moving...
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I fucking love that show!
i can relate 2 the show as far as passing the girls around the click,and i love the beach
2nite new episodes and yess theyll be on the beach
watching it right now
so horny
Those girls in real life....are not that good lookin. Sorry to buurst your bubble and those guys need to be slapped for they're wearing
imo i lub it
LC what r u thinkin
gspeedaddict said:
LC what r u thinkin
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:gay: my sister watchs that shit.....................
monday,its on...
id bang LC first(im sure she's the freshest),jessica,kristin,casey...

all others would have 2 be at the same time,so i wouldnt have 2 stare any directly in the face
mmmm LC is sooo freakin hot, but she lost major points with me when she started dating jason... hes a douchebag, but i must say, he plays the game very well, hahaha, it wont last long tho! cant wait till monday nite, me and the gf watch it together every week, and this week, she peaces out on jason! hahahaha


1. LC
2. Jessica
3. Alex M.
4. Kristin
5. Casey
6. Alex H.
7. Taylor
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drama 4 yer mama....the countdown is on
gspeedaddict said:
LC what r u thinkin
i fucking warned you...ive got the shoulder you need...
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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