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Mike from Psi Fi's burnout at Philly Meet..

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Here's your vid Mike. Time to break out the voucher.:HappyBirt
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bump....where's that voucher! :lol:
Is that psi-fi's drag car that I hear about every so often?
no, not even close thats tiny's car. that vid was from the philly meet last year that was one of the coldest meets.
Yea it was freezing there, but lets not forget about the first Palisades meet either. We were in that parking lot for a few hours before we went into the mall. I no mine crawled inside me like a turtle head about an hour into standing in the parking lot. :eek:
Only sound, no video :(
:bsflag: Neons cant do burnouts
pearltsi said:
your neon cant do burnouts :)
Neither can yours with it sittin in JAYS garage! lol

lol jk sorry bout the low blow!
Here's another longer video of it!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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