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myspace group called 'srt4s suck'

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LOL what a ***.. hes got a pic of a headlight and another of the confederate flag.. "Im moving to the south.. everything is so much simpler down there" hahahah
simpler = ignorant and brainless....also very wet lol....check out the dude on the srt's suck group that talked shit about em...he has like a buick a minivan and a sentra spec-v
it's still a neon, and the people that drive them always want to race sombody because they think their the shit. they forget that they have a shit ass motor in a shit ass car thats overpriced to start, with a turbo. and that 2-3 years from now they are gonna be so upside down in the car if they financed it, that they won't be able to get out of it because it wont be worth shit. no prolblem with some dodges...but the neon sucks.
This is from the *** with the minivan and sentra.. id rather take his minivan lol
yeah shit like this cracks me up....he starts a hate site for the srt-4 and does nothing to back up his reasoning...has gay ricers support his opinions and amasses 5 members...3 of which joined to bash him for knocking the srt-4....way to be ace
lol. Hey guys. I got an idea.... Let's start a little group that just sits around and bitches about a car we don't like. I mean what's not to like about it? It sucks. I mean it only beats our cars in just about every kind of motorsports out there...
...and looks better and runs more reliable...and does all that w/ half the displacement....yeah what a pos
I just posted a reply. The Spec v is nearly as expensive as the's's fugly...and loses it's value just as fast. When I was gonna buy a new car, i found an 02 Spec V w/ 20k miles for about $12,000.00. My friend bought one for $13,000, it was an 02 w/ 12k miles or something. Buhahahah. Ricer bastards.
Novajoe said:
lol. Hey guys. I got an idea.... Let's start a little group that just sits around and bitches about a car we don't like. I mean what's not to like about it? It sucks. I mean it only beats our cars in just about every kind of motorsports out there...
Don't we do that already?

RSX? :readclose
What a bunch of stupid mullet heads :mad:
bwahahahahaha, he lives in NJ... anyone up for a meet in Pittsville? i wonder if he would talk smack in front of us, lol, HIGHLY DOUBT IT... i posted a reply to a thread in there... that one guy who talked the smack isnt even a member of the group anymore... guess he got butt hurt when we started talkin shit back
lol just sent that jig ****** a pm.....he can run but he cant hide
04azuremach said:
What a bunch of stupid mullet heads :mad:
hey, thats not a nice thing to say
haha posted
jig...whatever said:
yeah so, im a ***....and your another "badass" owner of an srt4....anyway, if your gonna open your trap and spew trash at least get your facts right. first, i never mentioned how "nice" my interior was. second, both cars scored about the same in initial quality and and your neon worse in "reliability". and once again, you proved my point. srt4 owners only want to compare the speed of their cars with ones they know they can beat. no srt4 owner around me will pull up to the turbo rsx, cavalier, or the 2 sti's near where i live anymore and try to race them because they will get smoked again, but anything else thats not turboed and a 4 cylinder, they always try to race, whether they have beat them or not, because they know they can win. and thats the reason i cant stand people like you with srt4's. im glad that dodge stepped up to the plate and put a turbo on a four cylinder that will kill a stang gt and a lot of other cars, but you trying to compare the speed of you car to mine shows how dense you are, they arent even in the same league. you wanna be technical, i take that 3000, and put a small turbo on my ride, and i have 220-230whp and i smoke an srt4, big deal. however i paid 16500 for my spec in 03 with 3000 miles on it from a friend of mine, so i actually paid almost 5000 less than an srt4. for that difference, ill take my car everytime...."pwnt"? i think not.

this fucker responded w/ this bullshit

so my reply

turboknee said:
i never stepped to the plate for shit you fat *** chimed in on a group call 'srt's suck'.....when you show up with a n/a 4 cylinder jealous of my fi don't get all butt hurt when i compare yer ride to mine...i would never compare the 2...i used to own a spec-v and enjoyed it...but i never told a srt-4 owner he had a shit ride when mine didn't compare..don;t fucking tell me i'm comparing when yer the one talking shit about cars 10X better than yours...btw i did kill a stang gt...thats double my yeah i got a shit ride that beats cars w/ twice the cylinders that eats hairy fuckers like you alive...keep yer useless opinions to yerself or enjoy getting owned by another dozen ppl w/ better cars than you can afford

p.s. i had 3 recalls in my spec-v and a motor replacement...i've had 1 ecm reprogram for my 'neon'....initial quality huh? you don;t understand the concept...have fun in yer minivan you fucking 'ooper' sheep raper
lol i barely remember typing all that...i was drunk as hell last night
hahh he responded.......

"yup thats it you hit the nail on the head my parents aint rich like yours i guess but if they did get me a srt i would sell it and buy a truck or maybe somthing thats actually fast like a camaro"

what a little tool :lol:
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