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new guy...sorta

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i've been around for a while, never gone to anything other then the big meet back in Oct last year.

just got done my sentence in the military so i'm around alot more now.

just thought i'd stop in and say whats up to my jersey folk

Jigga....long time no see man, where ya been?
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Hey, whereabouts you from? Welcome back btw, glad to see you made it home safe. :bigthumb:
brownsmills pemberton area....dud your on my myspace :)

i'm neonguy with the black SRT w/ white motegi's
heyyy, im on ur myspace too, hahahaha :D sup!?!
oops... i guess i got the wrong was kgmdawg84 lol...sorry for the confusion lol

yeah, figured i'd post here seeing how i used to be a part of srt4ation lol but being in VA didn't help me out

anyone seen jigga-X lately? i haven't talked or heard from him in a while
hmm here is some pics of my car :)

oops no...thats my soon to be dodge powered 89 MR2...hang on ;)

here we go

on the way to get dyno'd

me at atco

me at the D.A.R.E. Car show
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What's up man glad to see ya made it back!

Where's the pick of that 2nd gear launch???
:( lets not ever bring that up again :(

haha yeah its been a while and i plan on bringing her out to a few of the SRT meets that happen, i may not be a 50 trim but its got some balls :cool:
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