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Very nice. Great job, guys. Looks good. I like the fact that we have to re-register our usernames. Clears everything up. Weeds out the "old" profiles that no one may be

great job. keep it up!

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yea man! this is cool!!! looks all fancy and what not. awesome job guys! cant wait to start workin on my section :cool:

MrG :D
yea very nice i love the new colors and the banner is cool . good job guys many propz to you
Nice job and great effort on a new site/look.
Looking good.
But where the smilies at? :(
1) Need more smileys (jack some from srtforums).
2) I miss the custom user titles, I no longer have "War Stories Vet" under my name :(
3) Henry still hasnt shown up, what an idiot.
4) I should like be a WS/Rant moderator :)
awesome job guys!! gary and hozay rock!
Looks crazy, mad, whack!!!
I like it especially the color scheme :) props to tha creator
dude paint, you bring post whoring to a whole new level ahahahah
MrGonja said:
dude paint, you bring post whoring to a whole new level ahahahah
by that do you mean I post alot, and do it while having more than 5 characters in my post?
def. a nice site, good job on it.
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