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New User Registration Info...

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So that everyone understands, I have reinstated the new user email verification option. What this means is every new user to will have to verify their email address upon registration. New user's will not be able to post until they have confirmed their email address's.

This was a problem in the beginning and now i'm putting it back to its testing phase. If anyone runs into any problems registering, please let an Administrator know. Also, PLEASE include ur birthday. If not, you will not have access to the OFF Topic section. And yes, we WILL include War Stories.

Thanks for reading everyone. :wave:
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Feature again disabled. Will return this weekend following the switch to a new server.
EVERYONE that register's to MUST include a birthday!! Please, if you plan on joining up add your FULL birthday including YEAR. If not, your user name will not be allowed to post and will be deleted within 7 days.

If you were referred, please include the user name that brought you here. Coming soon will be a referral contest. Can easily be found registering in the box labeled "Referred by."



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