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Hey my name is kevin and I am from biloxi, ms. Currently I am in memphis, tn working for harrahs entertainment. I own a 2004 blue srt4 with some minor mods. Stage 2 w/o toys, greddy elec boost controller, mpx turbo back exhaust, psifi control arm bushings, psifi motor mounts, aem warm air intake, msd wires, maddawg short shifter, ed hard pipes with hks ssq bov, 60mm tb and 60mm plate, mccaster valve which is on the same line as pcv cause of boost leak. Currently I am holding 22psi falling to 18psi in 3rd gear and 19 in 4th gear. I have a dasmopar mapclamp as well, but havent made use of it. I will soon be ordering a clipped turbo and extruded exhaust manafold to have a super stock setup. Everything is being made right now...I just have to gather a few more bills and have it delivered. I also have a big mouth intercooler on its way. I look forward to checking this forum out more now that I know it is here. Check in New Jersey forum for more information about me and whats going on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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