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well i finnally got some extra change so im going to ask this dumb question what should i get next??? i managed to group thinking together to what need what to make the parts run to optimum eff...evenually im getting everything on this list but i can only spare roughly 500 a month because of other bills and rent. i did my reasearch on other items but in my option i feel these are the nicest and best priced for what im going for wilth my car (agp 50 trim for street and offroad use)

a) Jmb Hot and Cold intercooler piping along with the hks bov (thats the one for the skyline in 2F2F right?) also needed is a BOP all and all pricing is around $500 dont know if there any hp gain but i think itll hold boost better when i start to mess with the WGA and controler setup

b)NW down pipe along w/ mopar cat back or better (suggestions) ...i really like this pipe because ur allowed to open it up right after the o2 sensor i had a similar setup on my prix and my gains were around 10-15 hp and seeing how this is a turbo app. id probally get 15-20-25 with the pipe open and
10-15 with the pipe closed this is probally around 600-750 depending on if i go with the high flow cat or not

c) Boost set up i was thinking an agp or similar WGA along with an electronic boost controller ive used the profec before (the old school profec and the new SPec B) and have had great gains with this or Apexi boost controller which is really trick because it inables u to program a certain boost for each gear the only downside to this is it only reads in kpa price is about 150 dollar difference depending on which way i go

d) boost setup only with a manual boost controller if i do this id opt for mopar stage 1 as well i got dealer price for 300 plus the WGA is around 450 plus boost controller is 550 tops not a bad price plus im going to see gains around 20-25 hp or 30-35 depending on if i get stage one or not however this might be a problem do to back press. that a higher boosting car might produce

f) finish my existing suspenion system of with ipp coilovers...ive seen these on quick-e-nuff ride and they are nice as hell and about 200-400 cheaper then tien or mopar i also beleive they have more adj. settings to ....i might be able to luck out and catch the last three sets on ebay that are selling for 634.00 (dont take my idea though i already placed a bid)

g) i kno there alot right? lol or i could half the suspenion and get springs and a full bushing kit and PSI-FI infamous LCA bushings not any HP adding but possibally puttin my 60 foot times in to the 1 sec on stock tires (best is 2.05) (avg 2.15)

h) or fuc everything up on the thread and get some 22s for my SRT so i could call it a srt-22 or srt2+2 i havent decided yet

thanks for taking ur time and reading this
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If i was in your shoes i'd go to the wastegate/ebc set up with the stg. 1. Maybe get the downpipe first, then go to the wastegate, ebc and the stg. 1 b/c you can have it programmed with those mods on. Since you didnt get any replies im just putting in my two cents. Wastegate is weak on the stock srt's tho.
Ask yourself how serious you are about your car and what your long term goals are. If this is your daily driver and you just want some more pep in your step, get Stg1,WGA, cutout and have a nice day. If your long term goals are going to be to perhaps do big turbo and make lots of power, you might want to look into upgrading things to help you maintain that power, like a good suspension and good brakes. If you want to throw your car through the twisties... then def get the suspension work.

Just my 2c
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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