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no boost

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my car's not getting any boost in the lower gears. The turbo is working exactly the way it should, but only under certain conditions, in the higher gears. When i pull out in first, i get no boost at all and just a little in second.

From revving it in neutral and looking under the hood, it seems that the wastegate is opening up and preventin it from spooling. The blow off is just as loud as it would be at full boost, but there's no spooling at all.

I assume this might be a computer problem since mechanically everything seem ok with the turbo, but only under certain conditions. Any one have any ideas about t his?
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what are you boosting in the other gears you said you get it in. If its 'normal' like you said then maybe reset the pcm? Maybe your cold side popped off or a coupler isnt secure.
sounds like one of your IC pipes are coming off, check for boost leaks
do you think it could be a boost leak? cause i'm getting up to 17 psi but only in 4th or 5th gear. if i rev out first i'll get none at all, about 7 or so in 2nd and 11 in thrid. my brother took off the negative battery charge to reset the ecu (or something like that...forgive me i dont' really know what i'm talking about) but its still driving the same way.

i don't know if this has to do with recently coming back to school and only doing about less than 10 city driving miles a day, whereas all summer i was doing about 40 miles on hte parkway for work everyday. i don't know if something in the car adjusts to driving style to preserve the turbo or somehting.

i also heard from someone that the car can go into a "safe mode" if you run to much boost w/o tuning or something; i was usually only getting about 16 but now that its colder i've been getting like 17.
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i's still check and tighten all your clamps..also our cars are known for having shitty boost gauges.. does it sit at zero when the car is turned off?
my gage sits at 0 when the car is off, at first i thought maybe it was my gage but the acceleration and sounds seem to be cooresponding with the indicated boost; i checked my IC pipes, and they all seem ok. the only problem seems to be the wastegate. my brother reset the ECU, since then i'm getting more boost in all the gears, but i'm only getting 14 now tops, not 17. i really don't wanna hafta take it the dealership :( so i guess i'll just keep an eye on it and note any changes in performance
do you have an aftermarket wga? what are all ur mods?
stock wga works in conjunction with the pcm, so it adjusts how much boost you get. so now that its colder out you should be running more boost if you were on an aftermarket wga and tapping into the turbo opposed to the solenoid, but since your on the stock wga the pcm is realizing the colder temps and adjusting itself to run lower boost. so it sounds like your car is running normal. did you try to tighten your clamps though? how did you check them?
Check your vaccum lines and solenoids maybe one came off?
Jay thats a good idea but i dont think the temp has gone down enough for that yet... just my speculation.. id say when it starts hitting like 50s and below thats when i realized my pcm was restricting a lot of boost like his is.

Dani.. this is a wierd situation, if you are losing that much boost you should notice the difference in power and/or hear the leak from somewhere. For the wga to not open at the correct time isnt very common..although not impossible. If I were you id also check my IC silicone if you have aftermarket.. i was leaking but my silicone was clamped on tight.. i found out i had a MONSTER tear in the silicone that was being covered by the clamps so i couldnt see it.
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