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October 8th HUGE PA/NJ/NY MEET

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alright guys this is it. i want a head count for this. this is the once a year meet of all meets and attendance is MANDATORY. just buy an srt-4? have one for awhile? good, bring it. for this one day the three states will combine in one spot. I really want western PA to try and make it out if they can, i dont get to see you guys enough and i still have yet to meet the other western guys as it is. lets all make this one date an important one! we havent decided where we are meeting but its gonna be near street road bensalem which is near I-95 and the PA turnpike. it will be OCTOBER 8th at around 5:30 PM.

i will start the head count

1.Broken5hift (henry)
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I'll be there

I'll start getting the NY guys ready and when i get the count ill hit you up
you know you hold a meet on the biggest penn state game of the year. psu vs ohio state university! if i could come i would be there i have had tickets forever now.

fuck this sucks!
I'm gonna try to get off from work. I'll also start spreading the word to everyone else I know from my area of PA. So long as noone else breaks down or crashes we should roll about 5-10 deep. :rolleyes:
So long as it's not super duper far for us NE PA guys. broken5hift, do you got an exact address I can just mapquest...

In the meanwhile put me down....

gpSRT - Greg
I'm in I'll be leaving straight from work to AP it looks...but count me in...

PA guys:

i will post up the address in the "where to eat" thread
HAhaha whoops didn't see it was a PA thing... :doh:
HA HA HA its cool menace. add your name to the NJ list and let me know when you guys have a final head count

where we are eating:

Bensalem (215) 633-8228
3240 Tillman Drive, Bensalem PA 19020
Proprietor: John McGrath

Monday - Thursday: 4-10:30
Friday: 4-11
Saturday: 2-11
Sunday: 2-9:30

Located on Street Road between I-95 and Route 1, directly across the street from Philadelphia Park Race Track. PA Turnpike Exit 28, take Route 1 South to Route 132 (Street Road) East. Restaurant is approximately 1/2 mile on right
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Cool, just so I'm positive that's where we're all meeting as well?
yep thats the place
I am going.

PA guys:

Damn, I'm itching to go to one of this things and check out all your rides but something always comes up, oct 8 is my little sis's bday

one of these days
only 4? CMON GUYS
broken if it wasnt on the biggest game of the year for pennstate fans i would be there. im goin to the game.
I'm workin' on getting at least one or 2 more srt owners from my area to come down...gotta see what ricky (professorcustomz) wants to do. he just got his 50 trim installed, maybe he'll be interested in showin' it off, lol.
Rinko said:
I am going.

PA guys:

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