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As quoted by: Never2muchboost

i figured i would put this up for you guys who dont know exactly what the procedure is and why it needs to be done

first off let me start off by giving an explanation of whats in the car and how it works.
there are 2 modules that we need to know about when it comes to this topic.
2-skreem(also acronyms are skim or vtss)

when you put your key in the ignition there is a chip inside the key that is actually a transponder for the skreem module.the key will send a message to that module pretty much saying "hey its me and were ready to start this fucker up"
once the two have verified that they are gay butt buddiesa message is sent to the pcm allowing the vehicle to start.

when you purchase a pcm from mopar you must give them your vin(vehicle identification number)so that they can program it into the pcm.
even when you buy one from mopar the car will start and run but you will have a p0633 which is skim key not programmed in pcm.this code will not keep it from starting but you will always have the code.
when you buy a used pcm it will not start unless you flash the pcm with your vin number and update the skim module
this is the actual process that must take place when flashing a pcm
1) once the pcm is installed a drb3 (chrysler scan tool) is hooked up to the vehicle.
2)the vin number needs to be programmed into the pcm
3)the dealer will need to get your 4 digit pin number off the dial"this is dcx's information network with the main system"
4)once the 4 digit pin is obtained they can now go into the skreem module and enter the pin number so that the skreem module can transfer the secret key data from the skreem to the pcm.
5)now that the data transfer is complete the process is done and you may start the vehicle.

thats all thats involved in may sound complex to some ,but in all actuality it takes about 2 minutes to do.

most dealers will charge anywhere from a half hour to an hour labor to flash to may help your cause by calling around a few places and getting a quote.
heres a hint that might help:
when you talk to the dealers ,some guys are pretty cool about it and ask them if its ok if you can install your pcm in the parking lot and afterwards have it ready for them to come out with a drb and flash it for you.they may give you a discount on the price.
if the dealer says no then you can try another one or just pay the fee.for the amount of work involved to update the info it isnt fair to pay that much but lets keep things in perspective,they are there to run a business and its more than justifiable for them to charge you.good luck and happy modding!
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