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Well guys dont get pissed off or anything when i say this but our state sucks. We got the Philly people acting like they are apart of dirty jerz and never want to include the western/central pa side in any of the meets! Hell Holding everything in philly/edge of jerz is a little redundant if you ask me. I mean yes i will admit you guys are very very very active and everyone knows the eastern side of the state but the western guys have alot of people also they just never speek up cuz they get ignored. Hell we have a couple stage 2 cars over here runnin 12s never hear about them cuz it seems like noone in pa really cares. Im really intrested to see what this state has as as a whole not sections. hell in florida, texas, cali, and everywhere else you hear a shit load about and see a shit load about but not us. we have a big croud lets show it. Im down to helping in the orginization of a state meet with dynoing car show and drag racing. I dont think it can be this year due to the fact its towards the end of the season up here. Im sure ray, and gnv xr&s plus some of the other vendors wouldnt want to help out. Yes this is coming from a neon owner but i woudnt doubt if i raced a s1 srt with just a wga (stock other than that) i would hold my own.

I want your opinion we have been discussing it a little but to no avail. Well here it is in depth. 1 Weekend Dyno, Dragging and carshow. Somewhere centerized so its equal for everyone. Possible awards for the fastest car, most unique, yadda yadda. just a good fun time. who is up for it.

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sounds good. getting people to go will be impossible though. just come to philly ;)
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