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here is the final details for philly,

Saturday October 8th

at Outback Steak House
Bensalem (215) 633-8228
3240 Tillman Drive, Bensalem PA 19020

We will all meet up here and grab some food then swing down to philly for a cruise/cheese steaks

The NJ/NY crew will meet at aviation plaza in linden (if you need the address look in the jersey section) we will leave for philly at 4:30, we should arrive at the restaurant around 5:30-6:00. Please add your name to the list if you are attending.

Henry or one of the PA guys if you can watch this thread for a head count so you can get to Outback a little earlier and put us in for a table that would help us out alot thanks.

this work for you?
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