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Post your "I just got banned" gripes here...

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Lets hear your side of the story....... :brutal_26
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well....all the warstories regulars know why im here and most of them are here for the same reason....we got blammed for all the trolling that was going on in other sections of srtforums and on other forums by people who werent warstories we all stood up for warstories and then ban.....and ban and ban and ban.....multiple times for some people
he banned me under my alias hotsrt-4 becus of a fucking sig i used...FUCK YOU E-GOO I LOATHE YOU...all better
L8SHIFT said:
Lets hear your side of the story....... :brutal_26
You banned too? Whoa...I feel left out
ok.. here is what happened to me. i was the second person to go down the :takingAsh

i just got done reading everything that went on today. i just want to say a few things before i drop this whole thing. i got banned yesterday at around 4:20 or so... right after i found out jason got the axle for No reason.
i was pissed for jason and talked a bunch of shit because i felt it was complete bullshit for him to be banned. so yeah i told ekool to fuck off & called him a ***... i stand behind what i said and did based off ekool actions at the time.

i didnt know untill later on today jason got unbanned.. and im glad because i think it was completly unfair.

if ekool let's me back on he does... im not going to go back and kiss his ass because he changed his mind and let jason back on. i dont blame jason what so ever because he never asked to be banned... it just happed. so jason <3

anyways enough about this bullshit because i dont want to keep the shit flowing over on this site. thanks for having me here....
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I honestly did nothing than lighten the tense mood...and what do I get? A bann from some guy in tabacco road!
I was in the same situation as Jason when I got banned. Then I got unbanned.
my g.f. banned me from her poop shoot
gspeedaddict said:
my g.f. banned me from her poop shoot
The SAME thing happened to me about 6 months ago. Heh, we're on a break now, too.
i got banned cause i smiled when cali said they were comming here
Broken5hift said:
i got banned cause i smiled when cali said they were comming here
Yep no posting smilies is the next new rule.
i need a new chair while im on herre,my butt is asleep
i said " errekekekekekekekeeeeee.........VIVA LA POST WHORES......" then i got banned. :theyareon
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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