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question about engine dimensions...

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anyone know what the dimensions are for the engine and tranny???

like hight width and such?

i need them for a project i am putting together...

i have a late modle toyota MR2, an 89, and i am going to be dropping the SRT engine/tranny into it...should be fun and i know the fabrication is going to cost but i'd like to know the dimentions to see how much room i'm gonna have after it sits in there.

and i know if this guy...V8 Northstar into an MR2

can get a northstar V8 into the rear of an MR2 i can slide a 4cyl lol

but yeah any info or a location to them would be great..

thanks in adnave

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mr2 is a mid engine car, you gonna spend some SERIOUS $$$ to get that trans to work.
i have a shop to do most of the work in, i am just wondering if the motor will fit right
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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