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quick question about a manifold

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yo wut up, if i put a sbr manifold would i need any other modifications such as injecters ect.
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long story short you cant just put that manifold would need alot! of stuff. if you have other stuff i can help you out, but you cant just bolt that on ur car
wut else wut i need so far i have an aem intake, mopar blowoff valve, and a authority ss downpipe. i only have enough money for the manifold, i wouldnt be able to just put that on?
to be blunt no..

you would need:
-o2 housing
-external wga
-dump pipe
-oil lines

just to start...and if you spent that money so far your gonna want to max it out so then you would need:
-return line w. fpr
-bigger injectors

edit: if i were you, i would look into water injection. with w.i especially on the hot stock turbo youll drop egts, get more timing, and improve overall efficency
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wut else could i get serious horsepower with by spending about 350$
well water injection like i said...people are gettin 15/20hp just slapping it on. i have a kit sittin in my room that i just havent got to yet, but once i have time its def goin in. then you can get crazy wit leaning it out and adding other stuff like methanol.


-you can save for the turbo kit
-save up and get nitrous

up to you really, depends on where you want to go
yea exactly, would u know how much a water injection is where does it shoot to the intercooler? is it hard to install
if you are looking to gain a quick couple of horse in the 350 range i would suggest getting a wastegate actuator and a manual boost and effective
-water injection cost anywhere from 285 to 1k...
of course that a baseline kit up to top of the line aquamist/erl stuff

-you can set it up to shoot the intercooler like im gonna try to setup, but its designed to actually be shot into the upp to cool down air temps and allow more timing. like i said i want one solenoid to spray the intercooler like stg2, but im also shooting into the upp

-how hard is relative question really. ask jay how hard anything is and ill tell you "oh, its eazy" but depends on how you are with installing stuff. if you are comfortable with:
-drilling and tapping a hole
-soldering up wires
-fitting the pieces in ur car

then i would say yea you could do it, it will still take a good portion of the day, but thats the fun part
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yea tru... aight man nice talkin thanx 4 the advice b4 i would of made a mistake i appreciate it. i.m. me sometime mikegtdyno (aim)
no problem man thats what we are here for!! any other questions post or pm me
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