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Raced a 4G Eclipse

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Wound up next to a 4G Eclipse at a stoplight. He was ignoring me so I figured he didn't want to go. The light goes green and he peels out, I bog my launch cuz I wasn't really expecting to hit it and he jumps about 2 cars on me. I get through first and spin a little into second and I'm already starting to reel him in. 3rd gear I pull hard past him and by the time I max out third and pull the car out of gear I've got a couple cars on him. Just to fuck with him I hit my hazards and he gives me the finger and a thumbs down as he does the inevitable ricer flyby.
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we all know this is bs.

4G's and SRT-4's are equal cars.
paintbaler1587 said:
we all know this is bs.

4G's and SRT-4's are equal cars.
I think he might have left the AC on.
This place is ghey. No pics in sigs, no smilies worth a
mitsu1473 said:
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Thats gotta be my new sig.
It's just not war stories if you can't raise the flag. :bs2: :(
Son-of-a-bitch! No BS flags?!?!?!?!?
This blows. Call me when they get it right.
Eclipses are :gay:
Eclipses are wastes of time

this is funny

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this is the only eclipse i would ever buy just so i could fuck it up .
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i found my new avatar
MIVEC- stands for
M- mitsubishi
I- Innovative
V- Variable
lmfao timing and lift
E- Electronic
C- Control

Road and track :

"how does it drive? Like a GT car meaning we enjoyed taking it up that mountian road, but it wouldnt be our weapon of choice for that battle."

"Is this the second coming of the Eclipse? In a word no. I'm no physics major, but all that weight-- distributed 61 percent front /39 % rear- along with front wheel drive, soft springs, too much body roll and all season tires (that start squealing in protest long before they should) do not make a sports car."
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