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This is what happend when you race in a open road.It was a bad accident, the car on the right (pontiac G6) was hit by a taxi and then hit the mazda but the g6 hit the mazda so hard that it got stuck side by side, so the mazda was dragging the g6 down the road and the gas on the mazda got stuck so it was burning the tire like a burn out even when there was no one in the car, we try to get the people out because we was afraid the car would blow up since there was oil and gas all over the floor and the engine was still running because of the pedal been stuck.After every one was out the engine blow up. There was a lady in the mazda that was pregnet and the guy driving the g6 had his head split in have like a watermelon so i wrap a towel that i had in my car around his head wit the tie he had to stop the bleeding. It was a bad nite hope every one is ok.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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