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saturn redline secret

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Broken5hift said:
i dunno why the links not working but originally it said

"i bought a saturn redline because i think its fast. and im also a huge ***"

i laughed so hard
I heart cats Today 9/21/2005 - 10:54
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Sometimes, I like to touch cats.
Other time I like for the cats to touch me.
Cats = hooray.

Today 9/21/2005 - 09:01

This one time, it was late and I couldn't sleep. So I went downstairs to get some milk, when I heard something creep around in the gardens. When I got outsite to check where the noise was coming from, I saw, and I shit you not, a LEPRECHAUN running around, bucknekkid. Before I could even think this was some sort of weird dream the little fellow shouted at me: "You want to see my pot-o-gold". Still dazed I asked him what the fuck he was doing being naked in my backyard, and if he realy was a leprechaun. He replied he just liked running around in the nude, and though nobody was watching. And yes he was a real leprechaun: "If I wasn't, would I be running around with a wheelbarrow?". "Well", I said,"I guess not. "And better yet, would I have a pot of gold?". I told him I hadn't seen his pot yet, so he bended over and held his buttcheeks appart to reveal his golden anus. "How's that for a pot of gold?". "Well", I replied,"It's actually more a sort of golden anus, isn't it?". "Yeah? So?" the leprechaun jelled, still holding his cheeks. "A golden anus doesn't make a Leprechaun, at least thats what my mother always told me". Apperently the little perverted gnome wannabee wasn't too pleased with my remark and started shouting that I was a sorry bitch and he would prove me he was a leprechaun. I actually really wanted to go back to bed, butt the little shining anus wouldn't have it. "Fuck me with the wheelbarow!". A little surprised by the tone of his voice and his request, I replied I really rather didn't and I would like to get back to bed. Next thing I know he starts humping my leg, singing "humpty dumpty fell on my balls". So I kicked him off and feld back into the house. The little perv continued to trow stones at my window beggin me to "dive into the end of the rainbow". When I woke up the next morning he was gone and I never saw him again. I was wondering, has any of you ever experienced something like this? I found it to be very weird.
I like that site.
my secret would be i blew my load 2 fast when i watched jenna & krystal...
Everytime I go to the foodstore and get my chocolate chip cookies I have lil convos with this dude working there. He was 18 and was attending my highschool at the time. I am very "blessed" with my body so I look alot older. I was 15 then and I told him I was 18. I lived close to the foodstore so i never needed a ride unless I had alot of stuff. ----He told he wanted me to see something in the back room. So he let me in where all the cookies were made. He pulled down his pants and showed me his package. I never have done anything past first base so I didn't know what I should do. ----He told me, " Don't be afriad...just kneel down and suck it!" I get really nervous and scared so i ran out of the back room and threw up all over the potato chip bags on the way out. I never told a soul
Its not as abnormal as you think, there are a lot of people out there that wear diapers some like the feeling others go as far as infintalism. If you dont believe me check out dailydiapers dot com or type it in on google.
I started when i was about 10 and have even met girls that are into it. Still dont believe me then just check it out. If you are a diaper wearer please post it to this site after all who's gonna find out.

I remember this one day back in 4th grade we were all coming back from some class. I had to take shit reel bad. Anyways I sharted (I tried to fart, and a little shit came out)it it was all over my leg.I went to the nurse complainig my stomach hurted. I went to her bathroom and took a shit. my underwearwere was all soiled so I threw them out the window. WHen I went out I said I had vomited. I forgot to do one thing, WIPE THE SHIT OFF MY LEG. I knew I forgot to because when I got out the door, I heard her say eww quitely. I wonder why she didn't do anything about it. I dont knw why I didnt do anything about it. They sent me home, but all the other kids saw it on my leg and laughed so hard. Talk about a shitty day.
one time when i was in college, i thought it would be a good idea to shave the hair around my asshole so that the toilet paper would stop getting caught in it. well, i didn't realize that the hair is there for a reason (it eliminates friction i think) and had to walk around for the next few days in total pain with a bleeding rash between my buttcheeks because the skin was rubbing together.

i hope this is really anonymous....
people are really messed up hahah
that is the greatest site ever. i have literally spent 4 hours reading it
Yeah that ass shaving one was me. I did that shit man what a horrible idea its worst when the hair is growing back. hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahaha
Rinko said:
Yeah that ass shaving one was me. I did that shit man what a horrible idea its worst when the hair is growing back. hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahaha
:theyareon :head_scra
omfg i'm trying to hard not laugh out loud right now...i'm at work trying to be nonchalant on my break....and i look like a tool giggling under my breath at this shit

p.s. i've done that and my friends call it the valley of the enchanted forest...gotta trim it down but daaaamn it itches....funny smiley psi chick but you know yer not down w/ a hairy ass anymore than any other girl
Sausage Shifter Today 9/21/2005 - 11:59
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Sometimes I adjust my penis so people can clearly see it through the fabric of my pants. It isn't a sex thing -- I just want to make people momentarily disgusted. When I walk down the stairs I make sure it shakes so they're sure to notice.
I've been friends with this really REALLY ugly chick for quite some time now. Ever since I first met her, I've wanted to roughly, fuck her ass. Her ugliness is SUCH a turn on. I felt as if I couldn't tell anyone this, but then I found this website. KTHX!
Then the very next one,

I had sex with a really ugly woman :(


We had a sex ed servey at our High school. I wrote that I was a nine-year-old with 3 STDs, hooked on drugs, and had (obviously) had premarital sex. On the "two things I want in life" I wrote "A lifetime supply of cheese nips and a blow job from the monopoly guy".

About three years ago, in 2001, a bunch of friends flew out to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. One of my buddies was getting married, so we decided to make the most of it. Anyways, I was responsible for setting up the arrangements, and decided to get a stripper for the hotel room. We had about twelve guys, one of them mentally retarded (the bachelors brother), all getting drunk and roudy, waiting for the stripper to arrive. After waiting about three hours (suck!), the chick finally showed up. By that time, we were all pretty wasted. The chick started dancing and taking off her cloths, so everyone started getting louder and louder (the retard started to scare some of us). The bachelor took his turn in a chair, then the best man, then others, and then the bachelors retard brother (ooops!). He started yelling and then ended up punching the girl. She flew on the floor, and he jumped on her, hitting her over and over again. We tried to pull him off, but this guy was STRONG. He ended up taking a bottle and cracking it over her head, killing her instantly. We finally pulled him off, but there was little we could do. To make a long story short (if thats possible), we chopped her hands and feet off and threw her in the trash bin outside the hotel.

Good times!
thats so wrong i was waiting for a punchline
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