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Second Pic Post "It's a start"

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ahh, why did orange blast have to come out 3 weeks after I bought mine!
Everyone thinks its a custom color....:lol:
The cars look nice and tight. Good looking rides
L8SHIFT said:
Everyone thinks its a custom color....:lol:

you suck....
that white 1 looks good also...i like that color as well
nice pics
Ferndogg said:
you suck....
:2up: Don't be all sore and H8tin on yo boy. You were supposed to come to the meet but ya didn't.....
So :eviltongu ... Thanks for the trophy too..:lol:
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sick cars. why did white have to come out right after i bought mine :(
Those O-Blasters rule man and the wheels look awsome, im glad i got me a orange one.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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