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Selling my civic on ebay..*pics*

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Help me sell my civic...

My Civic


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:shocked: :thumbsdow You found Paul Walkers first 10 second car!!! :doh:
that is truly a 16yr olds wet lil bro wants it
I WANT IT HOZAY THAT IS MY DREAM CAR IM 16 HEY Y NOT!!! Lol that is one disgusting car looks like its bout to go into outer space. ricer is bad but that car makes ricersLOOK bad lol or worse than they already are
and can u find out for me if dats a TRUE dual exhaust lol11
the wing is wayyyyyyyyy too low, and its also missing an APC sticker... hozay how much HP that got? 90 somethin? lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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