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Maluco said:
There is no doubt that these SRT4's are quick...I've driven one too, and they are fun.

Milkman Dan wrote: "The inline V-8 sounds like hte worst idea ever cuz it takes up so much space and weighs like a ton."
hmmm...inline V8?

Here's another:
Mr. Sp33d wrote: "they cant even get they carz started!!!!"
Well Mr. Speed, this is Mr. Slow're referring to a 1984 528e (e28)...hmmmm already 21yrs old and apparently still alive if you read after the heading....your state of the art Cobalt SS will be lucky to have a life span of 10yrs!

Ohhh and this one:
zzz04pt wrote: Yeah..dat vid is mad tyte yo!!11!

Here he is again...this one is classic!
Milkman Dan wrote: "Weight... Isn't Chrysler owned by BMW?"

These kids have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Go get an education so you can learn how to write and speak English.
I don't even care if they come over now. This post made my day.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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