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Alright, Listen up ladies. Spoke w/ our good ol' buddy Smoger and he's gonna whip up some decals for us. Well about 100 decals I should say. The majority colors will be white and silver however I can get just about any color you guys want.

I'd like to know how many people are truly interested in the decals and if there are any specific questions, let me know. Like I said before, it looks like its gonna be $2 each decal. Alot cheaper then most places and they came out great. A few of us have them already. I've had mine since June and the still look brand new.

If anyone is interested in them, post on here. I'll try to get some better pics but for now, these are what I have. Also, I am whipping up some decals in the near future for those that are interested as well. Let me know if anyone else has other idea's.

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2 black! and 2 rusted if you can get em hahahah

Yo hozay I asked about pricing to get that enlarged decal in blulk and they wanted to see the size of it first, but they figured around $18 to get them in bulk. That's more money than when I paid to get 2 done ($15)... i'll have to head up there one of these fridays and see some real pricing.
Hozay, i'll buy a NY decal off you, when you get more in stock. - blue preferably
2 Silver. Gracias!!!!
I want 6 small ones orange, and 3 big ones for the windsield, there are new kids that have orange srt's who wants them.
Two silvers, One clear.
imma take like 10 silvers from you homie... just for back ups, hahahaha
Ill take 2 that i never got.. or that i left at kens house.. white please..

Wazzup Hozay This is MilitaryMind354 save me like 3 of those white stickers...

Thanks, John
DrEdSrT4 said:
Ill take 2 that i never got.. or that i left at kens house.. white please..
call me, ill be home tomorrow all day... ill find them for you, they have to be around my house somewhere, hahaha
i will take 2 NY decals :)
Well hell I may have to get a set.Just gotta figure out how to mod them to say Cali
hozay, where do i send money to? I got paypal, can i get 2 PA chapter decals. Hit me up with a PM plz.
2 white PA chapter decals.....need to order within the next week if possible
Hold on guys. I'm coming out with a complete VIP-4mation kit which will consist of decals, badge, etc very soon!
lemme get a shift knob w/ that. chrome please.
Guys, like i said. I will be updating everything VERY soon with VIP-4mation and other idea's. We know have a vendor that is also working on shirts and other great stuff. Stay tuned!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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