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How To: Stage 1 PCM Reflash

This post will show the the preferred method for reflashing a used Stage 1 PCM for use in another vehicle. This method is preferable, since it gives you two benefits. It programs your PCM with both your VIN and secret key data to your PCM. This is actually one step better than a Stage 1 programmed by Mopar, since it will not set a P0633(SKIM key mismatch) code. This means your PCM has YOUR VIN, not the other vehicles VIN. There's a bunch of tecnical data concerning this stuff. If algorithms and PKI type tech turn you on, let me know. We can discuss it.

Thanks to nastyblacksrt and his dealership techs for trying this and verifying that it works. Since then at least two, maybe three or more used Stage 1s have been reflashed this way.

These procedure are from the PL2000 Powertrain Service Manual.

NOTE: 2.4L Turbo Manual Transmission.
After replacing the PCM, you must program
pinion factor.

1. Turn the ignition on (transmission in park/
2. Use the DRBIIIt and select THEFT ALARM,
4. Enter secured access mode by entering the vehicle
four-digit PIN.

5. Press ENTER to transfer the secret key (the
SKIM will send the secret key to the PCM).

Please refer to the N2MB RACING section for PCM reflashes as well!
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