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Sup all!!11!!1

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Just found this site for the first time the other day. I'm happy to see that there's another SRT dedicated site besides SRTforums. Just thought I'd post to say hey! I have a 2004 SRT that's barely been touched but hopefully credit cards willing I'll have some free cash to get quicker soon. Later. :D
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welcome. this place is fun you'll like it
Thanks man. Yeah I been readin some of the posts, seems like a funny place. I see alotta names that aren't on the other site anymore so that's cool.
yeah man well post on the petition for the mid atlantic section for you guys to have soon if alot of people from those areas come thru
Will do but where can I find the petition for the Mid-A section?
Welcome! You should come up to the big PA meet next week. Shouldn't be that far a drive from MD, right?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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